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Mithi Chutney

SMS Mithi Chutney is a perfect combination of Pure Indian Spices.

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Take required  SMS Mithi Chutney Masala in a Bowl. Add a little water and boil for a minute on low flame.

Unlift the bowl & use after cool.

Serve with  Gol Gappa , Dahi vada  , Papri chat , Tikki, Samosa  and Bhel Poori etc.

It may be used to sprinkle in Bhel poori 

Keep it cool & dry place 

Ingredients: Sugar, Dry Mango, Red Chilly, Cumin Roasted, Black Pepper Roasted, Cardamon seed, Black salt, Kachri,, Melon Seed Whole, Cloves, Cinnamon, Long Pepper, Cardamom Small. (Not Curry Powder).

(A Proprietary food).

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